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MHT’s Wheel’s Rims & Tires Are The Highest Quality, Come See Our Range!

Rim Source Motorsports offers more car accessories from luxury manufacturers that other companies do not. MHT is one of those special companies that manufactures the highest quality of custom wheels and rims. Additionally however, MHT also creates tires that are higher quality than many of your generic and well advertised tire manufacturers. This is not to say companies like Goodyear don’t make good tires, but that MHT’s custom tires are designed to run on classic cars, luxury and sports cars of the highest quality. These are tires that are built to withstand exceptionally high speeds and resist the burning of rubber that comes with.

If you want custom wheels and custom tires for your car that are going to make an impression wherever you go, MHT is a brand that you are going to want to look into. Calling in to our showroom or visiting us in person, we will be able to see if we have the tires and wheels you need to fit on your car. This will give your car better durability and longevity, and when you bring it to us for servicing we will do our best to ensure your car is always in peak condition.

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