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One of the statement pieces on any car is the wheels. Almost as much as the body and make of the car itself, the wheels stand out on any car. You notice them driving down the road, because they spin with the rotations of the tires, and they can be captivating. But, when you have a set of luxury wheels and rims, from a manufacturer like Asanti, DUB or Forgiato, you attract more attention and create more buzz. Forgiato is one of the more unique wheel and rim manufacturers for having logos that stay static while the vehicle is moving, which does wonders for their product advertising. Asanti and Dub, as well as the other wheels we carry, offer unique designs that you will not see on your standard, factory produced vehicles.

Come Check Out Our Unique Custom Rims Designs!

Leather seats, sound systems, even soft topped cars are great features for any car lover. But to make your vehicle stand out on the Baltimore Expressway, or the streets of Capitol Hill, choosing to upgrade to custom rims and wheels on your favorite car, can make a world of difference in how you are perceived.

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