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Welcome to Rim Source Motorsports. Since you are here, you are interested in replacing or upgrading parts in your car that can’t be done at your generic auto shop. It is our pleasure to carry an extremely high standard of parts and products for the vehicles that we service, whether it belongs to an athlete, celebrity, politician or anyone who just wants their car to stand out in the crowd.

Quality Service And Quality Products Are Waiting For You At Rim Source Motor Sports!

We are known for the quality of service that we provide and the exceptionally high class of wheels, rims and custom work that we take orders for. We sell and install some of the best tires and rims in the industry. We also do custom tinting, speaker installations and detailing for those vehicles that require a bit more than your average car to run and make a statement in public.

If you have a car that you want to make a statement with, and you are looking for a place to make that happen, then Rim Source Motorsports is the best place in the Baltimore metropolitan area to get your custom rims and wheels installed. Our clientele recommend us, and our work speaks for itself.

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