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Asanti is one of the most well rounded companies that sells auto accessories for dealers like Rim Source Motorsports to offer our customers. They offer a range of wheels that are both cast and forged appealing to those who require wheels that are more durable than the average manufactured ones, or are satisfied with wheels that are of comparable quality without the weight and acceleration differences that forged wheels possess. However you look at it, Asanti carries one of the most versatile lineups of products for their dealers to offer, and Rim Source Motorsports has been bringing Asanti to the Baltimore area for years.

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Because Asanti products are so popular we serve a great number of high profile customers with the desire for quality customization on their cars. However, even for those customers who are not high profile and in the public eye, we provide the same quality of service and attention. Whether you are purchasing rims, wheels, steering wheels or branded accessories to put on your keychain, Asanti has the products for you.

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