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DUB is a great company. As a dealer for DUB we can attest that their products are a great deal better than many other manufacturers who do not service the same class of vehicles that we do. Additionally, DUB also sells their own uniquely modified and customized cars that you can occasionally see in our showroom. DUB does a great job creating looks on classic and luxury cars that will stand out in any crowd and shout out loud for all to see what your personal style and tastes are. When you are considering your own upgrades, you should see what what the DUB wheels and rims look like so you can see what your car can evolve into as well.

For All Things DUB Come To Rimsource Motorsports!

Our technicians are among the best at installing DUB wheels, rims and other accessories, based on our customers’ desires and preferences. At Rim Source Motorsports, it is our goal to help each customer find the accessories that they desire for their car, and ensure that those installations are done with the best care and skill that is possible. You can call, e-mail or stop by and visit our showroom if you have any questions about the product lines we carry or to see if we can order what you want.

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